“Why I Didn’t Buy It From You” Sales seminar

The “Why I Didn’t Buy It From You” Sales Seminar is custom-made for Salespeople who want up their game & become the best in the business!

Achieve Outstanding Sales Results!
Learn the Secrets of Creating Rapport & Influence!

A personalized seminar for Individuals, Businesses, Clubs and Corporations.

This seminar is a MUST for those wanting to raise the bar in business
or personal communication skills!

Seminar Outline:
1.    Top Ten Reasons I didn’t buy from you and how you can turn that around.
2.    The Two Basic Fears – What they are and how you can conquer them.
3.    Self Esteem and Self Confidence: What they are and how they affect your sales.
4.    Build Your Rapport Skills: How to quickly build relationships, gain trust and confidence.
5.    How to Listen, Learn to focus and pay attention to the needs of your client.
6.    Sales Success Hypnotherapy CDs included.

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland today to schedule this seminar for your Business, Club or Corporation!


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